Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Be-Tech hotel locks and Be-Tech one-key system. If you do not find a comprehensive answer to your question, please contact us. We will try to dispel any doubts.

Some doors in my hotel are "left" and some are "right". Does this affect the choice of the locks?

All models of Be-Tech hotel locks can be installed both on left-handed and right-handed doors. Ordering any model, you should specify the numbers of the doors/locks (to be sure – please attach sketches of the doors with their quantity). This way we can deliver proper number of each kind. We are able to prepare a lock for mounting on the other kind of door in several minutes, so there is no big problem even in the case of a mistake.

I’m currently using locks with magnetic cards. Can Be-Tech locks be operated with the same cards?

No. Be-Tech locks are operated exclusively with Mifare cards (13.56 MHz). Due to security reasons, the cards used in the Be-Tech one-key system have been equipped with additional protective features. This way, Be-Tech hotel locks can be opened only with authorized Mifare cards.

How often must one replace batteries in the locks?

A lot depends on the frequency of using the locks and the quality of the batteries installed. In practice, the maximum durability of the batteries is about two years. However, we recommend you to replace them every 12 months. With low battery level, each lock can be opened about 100 times yet. In addition, low battery state is indicated by a LED and audible signal.

What is the lifespan of Be-Tech hotel locks?

About one million cycles (a full cycle means card reading, lock opening, pressing the handle). Assuming that the door to a hotel room is opened 50 times a day, the lifespan of the lock is over 50 years.

How long is the warranty on Be-Tech locks? What about repairs after the warranty period?

All Be-Tech locks are covered by a 3-year warranty. After the warranty period, we offer paid repairs and also the possibility of ordering spare parts.

Does BIS hotel software need a dedicated server?

No. The software can be installed locally, e.g. on a PC at the reception desk, which is used for checking-in hotel guests and issuing the cards. Of course, the software can also be run in client-server mode, where several terminals use a common database.

I use XYZ hotel software. Will Be-Tech hotel locks compatible with that software? s?

Currently, Be-Tech locks are integrated with the following hotel systems: DM Plaza, Chart, LSI, SOHO. The locks fully cooperate with these hotel programs. If you use a different program, or the locks should be integrated with a unique software solution, we can deliver necessary development libraries.

Can all locks in a facility be opened with one mechanical key (Master Key)?

Yes. Be-Tech hotel locks in a whole hotel complex can be opened with the same mechanical key. If you are interested in this solution, please inform us when ordering the locks. Another option is a different mechanical key for each lock. Independently from the choice, all Be-Tech locks installed in one hotel complex can be opened with one card of the hotel manager.

What if a guest loses the room card?

The lost card should be canceled and the guest gets a duplicate. With the issue of the duplicate card, the lost one becomes invalid and cannot open the room.

There are mechanical locks in use in the hotel. How to effectively implement electronic ones?

There are two options:

  • Be-Tech Oslo overlay locks – mounted on the cylinder without a need to exchange the whole mechanical lock and to do any woodwork
  • Drilling new holes and the installation of standard (mortise) locks in the doors

It is not always possible to mount overlay locks on the existing doors. Then it is necessary to drill new holes and to install mortise locks. Due to a slightly larger size, the recommender type for this case is Be-Tech Berlin. It usually covers the holes left after removing the old mechanical locks.

What is important when I order doors for my hotel?

When ordering the doors, it is convenient to ask the provider for the preparation of holes for the chosen model of Be-Tech lock. This will speed up and streamline the installation of the locks in the hotel. Drilling templates for individual models of the locks are available at Be-Tech hotel locks.

Can the hotel locks and the locker locks be operated using the same cards?

Yes. This is the implementation of the one-key concept – each guest gets access to the hotel room and all hotel services using only one card. Access permissions are determined by the receptionist with the use of hotel software.

I wish the cleaning staff had access to rooms only in some periods. Is it possible?

Yes. The cards of the staff can be programmed so that the doors of rooms can be opened only in predetermined times of day. However, if a guest closes the lock from the inside, the cleaning crew will not be able to open it even at that times. For security reasons, hotel manager can open all the locks in the facility, even if they are locked from the inside.

Can I rent a lock for testing / trying on the door? Can you make a presentation of the hotel locks and one-key system?

Yes. For details, please contact us

Mechanical locks seem to me safer than electronic locks. Do you agree with me?

No. Mifare cards used in Be-Tech one-key system are virtually impossible to copy by an unauthorized person, so the key cannot be forged. Moreover, in the case of loss or theft of the card, it can be disabled. The card of a guest expires after the check-out, and cannot be used until is reprogrammed. Be-Tech hotel locks have been equipped with event logs with memory of the latest actions (card identifier, date&time). This eliminates the possibility of opening a door without leaving a trace.

Can Be-Tech hotel locks be mounted outdoors?

Be-Tech Berlin locks are water-proof and can be used outdoors. The rated operation temperature range (-10 to +50 degree Celsius) applies to the electronics and batteries, which are located on the inner side of the door. This way, they are not exposed to lower temperatures even in winter. When installing the locks outdoors, the user should take into account more frequent maintenance (due to less favorable working environmenthumidity, dust, etc.).